Episode Three!

...In which Jörg must come to terms with the damp, the draughts and the rationed oil heaters of a kiwi flat and Duncan discovers a fundamental German social leveller: the “Hausschuh” (kind of like slippers in the English speaking world, but somehow more ergonomic). Enjoy the next domestic adventure of our two heroes on cultural exchange and, if it makes you smile, send it to a friend! Every time a new person sees Lifeswap, joy warms our insides like a wall-mounted, adjustable German central heating unit.

The Winter Deniers from Steffen Kreft on Vimeo.


  1. Hahaha, I love it!!!
    Thanks guys for another great episode!

  2. This stuff is magic! I lived in Hamburg years ago, I never really adjusted to the absence of central heating, in the end I moved to Sydney. Living in Featherston now we have a neighbour that wears singlets outside all winter, I used to think he was nuts!

    1. What do you mean "used to think"? He is nuts. Like the rest of us. Thanks for your feedback. Featherston! We make Lifeswap in little Greytown just up the road.