Episode 6! - Just Sharon

Anyone who has gone for a bush walk in New Zealand will know that the minute you hear someone coming towards you, you must prepare your friendly one-liner and a smile that says “Good on ya, mate. We're all in this together. Bloody brilliant, isn't it!” Failure to do so is just plain rude. Often this practice spills out into moderately populated suburban streets. Anywhere and at any time possible, Kiwis share this seemingly irrepressible need to connect with other people – to engage in chatty pleasantries, find out where they're from and a cheery “Mate!”, the great social leveler among titles, is never out of place. But, in episode 6, Duncan must finally come to terms with the fact that asking strangers at a German supermarket checkout weirdly personal questions about their weekend plans is not necessarily going to elicit a friendly response.
Lifeswap 6 – Just Sharon from Steffen Kreft on Vimeo.

Ah New Zealand. The land where “mister” and “missus” are all but obsolete terms. Episode 6 investigates Kiwi squeamishness with formality and Jörg gives some advice on German supermarket check-out protocol...

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  1. Great new episode! Me and my partner (both German living in NZ) really love this series. Please keep making them. :)