Duncan and Jörg are born!

Introducing Duncan...a little thick-set, cheerful, a touch mainstream with a charming lack of self-consciousness and very little inhibition. He would strongly consider going to the Sevens with mates and wears a green polo shirt or, if the wind chill factor drops below zero, maybe a sweat shirt, probably featuring an outline of New Zealand in crushed beer cans. Or something like that.

William is slowly getting glimpses of this character and piecing them together, like when a landscape is momentarily illuminated by lightning strikes. Only a little less dramatic.

Now that Steffen has created Duncan complete with mouths (see last post), eyes are added to provide a whole gamut of potential emotions. He's starting to come to life.

And, meanwhile, what do we know about this mysterious Jörg?

A serious, young German man with a highly developed social conscience, a love of "za nature" and an impeccably maintained blond beard is sculpted from the darkness of the digital ether....

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