How a smelly tea-towel inspired episode two...

Well, it all started when Steffen's mother, Margot, came to visit us in New Zealand. One afternoon we were enjoying a cross cultural dish-washing session, when all of a sudden, Margot turned to me and said:

"William, the tea towel stinks. You need a new one."

I was taken aback, not only by this wonderful example of German directness - the streamlined, teutonic "subject, verb, object" model of sentence construction - but I was also taken aback by how taken aback I was.

The fact is, life in New Zealand is generally pretty simple and easy; that is, until a problem needs confronting. At which point we Kiwis engage in a weirdly elaborate series of rituals including red-faced silences, eye-averting and all manner of verbal apologies, softeners and excuses. One feels compelled to perform a kind of musical act to avoid explaining what the problem is; it commonly involves a small jerky dance of shrugs, hand-wringing and facial contortions and a sing song of polite words.

So, in episode two of Lifeswap, Duncan teaches Joerg a five step method he has devised of confronting a New Zealander about a problem so as to cause only minimal offense. Watch this space!


  1. Walbridge, Nicholas5 November 2013 at 19:01

    Ja, I find the series very amusing actually. Things that I like: the music, the attention to detail in the animation (e.g. eye rolling), the planes at the beginning, the flags (but then I have always been a sucker for a good vexillological flourish), the accents, the beard, ja, the computers (life-like!), the fine transitions (as in, fine!), and - of course - the ending which I found to be quite clever actually. Congratulations. Please may we now have episode two. I thank you.

  2. Absolutely love it! So funny, so self ironic, so true. Please continue!!!