Episode One Finished!

 Thanks to the Goethe Institut, our complete first episode has just gone live for all to see. 

Duncan and Joerg take on World Wide Web, eh. This must be what it feels like when new parents take their little wrapped up baby on its first public Sunday stroll. Please lean into the pram and say "coochi coochi coo" by clicking on the link below the picture.

And let us know what you think! (About the film, not my awful simile.)

Lifeswap Episode 1: Complete Rubbish from Steffen Kreft on Vimeo.


  1. I love the way Joerg can't understand why Duncan hasn't collected his Pfand! Mon xx

  2. Hahaha, I love that never-ending recycling bin! Sooo true!
    When we went back to visit Germany after living in New Zeland for almost 5 years in July, my 7 year old daughter wanted to get rid of her chewing gum once we were off the plane. So I was looking for a rubbish bin- and finally found one. Hold on, no, not one! It was actually a bundle of 4 colorful bins attached to one another. One for rubbish, one for plastic (oh no, what a mistake! It is called "Wertstoff", hence the "Wertstofftonne"!), one for glass and one for paper. My daughter ran towards the bins, then stopped. She gave me a puzzled look and asked:"Mama- where does the chewing gum goes?" Well…good question! "Uhm, the "Restmüll" I guess…"
    I had all forgotten about the Mülltrennung! It fascinated me. It was almost a full-time job! When we left Germany they had just started that Plastikflaschenpfand- and wasn´t that supposed to be a temporary solution? I was surprised that the Plastiflasche was still around! And actually more present than ever before! I grew up with glass water (sparkling, of course!) bottles but now my brother seemed to be some kind of nerd because he was the only person I saw buying glass bottles. Everybody else just got the plastic ones. They are so much lighter! My sister even raved about how cool it is to collect a bunch of plastic bottles before you bring them to the supermarket- because you end up getting so much money back that you feel like you just won the lottery.
    Well, if they introduced the plastic bottle for environmental and not amusement reasons, that plan definitely backfired! :D

  3. Better late than never: Most Germans I know (both here and in Germany) only separate their rubbish when watched by environmentalists or under duress. When they can get away with it they will toss everything into the same bin. I think the image of the "separating German" is a leftover from the 1980s (going on mythical).