Meet Ange.

This is Ange. On the screen. The other one is Steffen.

Ange is the newest character of Lifeswap, Duncan's flatmate and a top Sheila. She is a composite creature, made up of the voice of one of our friends, the mouth and eyes of another, and the personality of a kind of quintessential, good natured, Kiwi twenty-something girl we have all known.

As she receives eyes that blink and a mouth capable of grimacing at awkward domestic encounters with her new German flatmate, something of the mad glint of Doctor Frankenstein enters the eyes of her creator...

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  1. We loved episode one! It hit the mark on everything. The reference to 80s parties had me guffawing and remembering why I get homesick. Well done to you both! Can't wait for episode two..